Extra Virgin Olive Oil made with hand-picked organic olives

Our premium olive oil is crafted through a meticulous process, using organic farming methods with no use of chemicals or fertilisers.

Immediately after our olives are hand-picked, they're cold-pressed in order to retain their flavour and nutritional qualities.

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  • " I truly haven't tasted olive oil as delicious before"

    I absolutely loved your olive oil and you are correct when you describe it as "exceptional". I truly haven't tasted olive oil as delicious before.

    (Kira, Fine food specialist)

  • "Truly exceptional"

    This is truly exceptional, best oil I have tried at the specialty fine food fair this year.

    (Sarah, Olive oil sommelier)

  • "The flavours keep on coming"

    Wow, the flavours keep on coming, I liked all three, so much we can do with these oils; great story, amazing product!

    (Steve, Private Chef)

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